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Xperia X1 Launch Date Announced V.J. | , 12:08 p.m. Sept. 10, 2008 2008-09-10


The internet kept track of Xperia X1 upcoming with a quite professional espial approach. Spy photos have been available long before Sony Ericsson even considered announcing the handset. Nevertheless, the company has finally decided to confirm Xperia’s launch date.


Xperia X1 comes with a range of extremely interesting features, but you probably know everything about it from our previous articles on the subject. Anyway, Sony Ericsson says it will launch the handset in September 30.


First, Xperia X1 will be available in the UK, Germany and Sweden starting with the date mentioned above, but throughout Q4 it will also be available in other markets across Europe, Asia and Latin America.


The availability of the handset in North America, China, Australia or Russia is quite unknown, but will definitely be available. The date are unknown but will be announced locally when the time is right.

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