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Xperia X1 to be available soon V.J. | , 1:04 p.m. Sept. 3, 2008 2008-09-03


Sony Ericsson puts strong emphasis on its mobile phone quality. It seems that the Japanese-Swedish company pays extra attention to the functionality of their handsets. Xperia X1 is no difference and it will be launch probably next month.


The company postponed the release of the highly anticipated Xperia X1 thanks to a number of problems that showed up when they tried to run Windows Mobile 6.1 on the device. Recently, the company announced that all problems were resolved and the Xperia X1 is ready for the market.


Overall, it seems that the phone does have a few bugs here and there. At a London press conference, a Sony Ericsson spokesman said that the video playback is still ‘slightly jerky’ according to Register Hardware.


However, the same publication points out that the Xperia X1 will be released in Germany in October while other countries may have to wait until 2009 for the handset. Prices for the UK have not been established, nor a release date.


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will probably cost about $1100 or 740 euros, 590 pounds.

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