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Wordpress App for iPhone is Available! V.J. | , 4:29 p.m. July 23, 2008 2008-07-23


The highly used blogging platform Wordpress has recently released an application for the iPhone. Bloggers will have the change to update their website using the iPhone while on the go.


The new application was carefully planned by the Wordpress team and it comes with no surprise as the iPhone is still sold massively in any part of the world. Officially in some countries and in the black markets in other, Apple’s product has sold hundreds of thousands of iPhone and in times it sold even 13.000 per second.


Wordpress is the platform for any blog. It took blogging to a next level and now has millions of users. Almost any blog is based on Wordpress, actually you hardly can find any other so stable and bug-free blogging software. Not just blogs are using it, but great prestigious papers as well. Upcoming newspapers are also opting for Wordpress since it is easy to use and has a tremendous variation of themes one can use.


Wordpress for iPhone is now available, as it has recently been launched on the App Store. If you want Wordpress on your iPhone you can go there now and download it. In addition Wordpress also prepared a bug reporting page and a team who will try to fix the new application. You can download it by following the next URL:


Vlad Jecan

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