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Windows Marketplace update released with new features Saveri | , 10:26 a.m. Feb. 24, 2010 2010-02-24

Recently announced Windows Marketplace update has been released with features that could brighten the spirits of phone users. The main highlight of the updated Marketplace will allow for direct installation of apps on memory cards, a feature that was so essential for phones with inadequate inbuilt storage. Other features included in the newly released version are:

World View option permits users to choose and purchase apps from International catalog, a feature useful when the app is not available in a specific country. For example, users from Japan will be able to download apps from US catalog with application prices available in local currencies. Microsoft will instruct ISV’s to re-price their apps for local markets.

Microsoft has removed all restrictions on submission fees of applications in different markets. With this change, developers have an open hand in submitting applications to smaller markets.

Deep linking is one of the new feature available with the update allowing users to construct links from web pages connecting directly to the purchase page of the app. Applications already running on the device can display similar links making easy the possibility of downloading the premium version of apps.

Windows Marketplace has expanded in Russia opening the doors for Russian users to download apps from local catalog as well as through World View feature. Developers can now sign up and submit their applications to any supported Marketplace country.

Phones running on Windows Mobile 6.0 and above can launch the Marketplace app and will shortly receive the updated version. Otherwise, users can uninstall the current version and download the updated one available on mp.windowsphone.com.

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