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Windows Live for BlackBerry Handsets V.J. | , 12:47 p.m. July 29, 2008 2008-07-29


Windows is taking the next step in facilitating online communication; they make Windows Live available for mobile phones. Too bad it is available only for BlackBerry devices, but it still is very useful.


Windows Lives has millions of users every day. It is one of the most used Internet Messaging service in the world, rivaling with others like Yahoo! Messenger. At this chapter Google was kind of left behind as the company failed to produce a similar service.


Now the Live Messenger can be downloaded for free to any BlackBerry phones. Messages are sent and received using BlackBerry push technology. The application lets the user change status and store and view log chats. Interesting is the fact that the user will actually be able to show a Display Picture, send and receive pictures and files and even use over 60 emoticons.


The application comes with a decent design, vividly reminding of the Windows Live Messenger for PC and it also runs pretty fast. A few months ago, Research In Motion (RIM) announced that they plan to release a Windows Live version for the BlackBerry platform for this summer, and they did it.


Following the link below you can download the new Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry handsets.



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