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Will BlackBerry Make Desk Phones Obsolete? Karishma Sundaram | , 11:39 a.m. Feb. 18, 2009 2009-02-18
BlackBerry Bold

The telephone has been an integral part of everyday life for decades, making communication easier and people more accessible. The telephone was such a momentous invention, it actually spawned an entire industry and various supporting industries alone. The car phone and the mobile phone are direct descendants of this great technological marvel. 

And as it is with everything, the old makes way for the new; Research in Motion, the creators of the popular smart phone BlackBerry, certainly feels so.

Research in Motion has added a few features that really have amplified the BlackBerry, adding an enterprise dimension to the extremely popular smart phone. They have introduced a new software application called the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

There are a number of benefits of this particular software, as it effectively provides all the functions required in an enterprise environment. These features include a push service for email, synchronization of contacts and calendar data, instant messaging, email management and easy access to web-based services.

While the enterprise angle of the new BlackBerry software rollout is excellent, the key to potential replacement of desk phones lies in the release of the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System. Of course, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is essential to the efficient functioning of the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System. 

The BlackBerry Mobile Voice System looks to provide employees complete freedom, even from the mandatory landline at the office. While the remote functions, like contacts, calendar data, emails, and notes, among other things are taken care of by the enterprise server, other phone-based functions are handled by the mobile voice system. 

The revolutionary aspect of the BlackBerry MVS (Mobile Voice System) is the ability for employees to manipulate enterprise desk phone options right from their BlackBerrys. There is a menu interface that can be mapped to the desk phone options, thereby completely eliminating the need to use the desk phone. Additionally, this system is secure, as MVS also takes care of authentication. An organization’s enterprise telephony system can be accessed securely through this software application.

As previously mentioned, the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System is secure, which is an extremely important consideration with regard to the IT infrastructure of an organization. The IT security policies like monitoring calls and calculating incoming and outgoing phone calls can be implemented easily. For example, if an organization wishes to record interactions of their staff members with clients, it is possible for these calls to be logged and archived for future reference. This particular is useful, as most organizations keep records to substantiate their position in a possible future dispute. 

A significant advantage of implementing a combined system of BlackBerrys and desk phones is the increased potential productivity. An employee is no longer restricted in any imaginable way to the geographical confines of the office, allowing them to thereby be able to work from any remote location. The organizational enterprise server will only authenticate BlackBerry smart phones and the PBX system phones.

There are a number of other advantages of the BlackBerry MVS and the Enterprise Server, but the fundamental one is the effective merger of desk phones and smart phones.

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