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WildCharger Wireless Charging Solutions Karishma Sundaram | , 11:13 a.m. Aug. 15, 2009 2009-08-15

There are a number of devices that can understandably be connected to each other without the use of wires; devices like modems or input devices. So it should come as no surprise when someone invents a mobile battery charger that charges the phone wirelessly. But it did; because such innovation is truly mind-boggling. 

Most users looked longingly at the Palm Pre Touchstone, and wished there was something similar for their handsets. The iPhone always inspires pure envy, and the sleek lines of the Moto RAZR were also coveted when the wireless charging capabilities were discovered. Therefore people who are the unfortunate owners of different mobile handsets must rejoice now that WildCharge has come up with a wireless charging device that is not device specific. 

The entire kit consists of one PowerDisc charge, a WildCharger pad and various interchangeable connectors. The PowerDisc is attached to the charging port of the device with one of the seven PowerLink adaptors. The PowerDisc has a small connector embedded in it that draws power from the wired WildCharger pad, and therefore charges the phone wirelessly. Using the WildCharger pad and PowerDisc combination, it is possible to charge most devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, mp3 players and e-book readers. 

Aesthetically the PowerDisc is a small compact device finished in matt black. It is completely unobtrusive and therefore quite classy in appearance. The PowerDisc alone is retailing for $19.99, and the package deal including the WildCharger pad is priced at $64.99. The PowerDisc is sold separately from the WildCharger pad, so making sure the whole kit is available makes sense. 

WildCharge also has another WildCharger pad that has wire-free charging, which is conceptually different from wireless charging. With this product, there is no cute PowerDisc; rather some of the devices have skins that fit over them. These skins have connector pads incorporated into them on the bottom. The devices are then placed onto the WildCharger pad and they then proceed to suck up battery power through the connectors. 

The major advantage of having this WildCharger pad is that multiple devices can be charged simultaneously. The company puts the limit of devices up to five, however it is doubtful so many would fit on it simultaneously. The only disadvantage of this device is that the skins have to be device specific, as they fit tightly over them. This is not the case with the PowerDisc, as there are a number of interchangeable connectors to choose from. 

While the PowerDisc is not as sleek and elegant a wireless charging solution as the Touchstone, it definitely does get the job done. It is more of an accessory, and has little utilitarian value. However it does make a statement, especially when there are no wires cluttering up the work surfaces. 

Check out the WildCharge website here, and the list of available wireless charging products here. WildCharge also makes cell phone items like skins for mobile handsets, and other little accessories to bling out one’s most treasured device.

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