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WildCharge Releases PowerDisc to Support Wire-Free Charging for Hundreds of Mobile Devices V.J. | , 4:32 p.m. Aug. 5, 2009 2009-08-05

-WildCharge Inc., the leader in wire-free power technology, announces today the new WildCharge PowerDisc™, its most cost-effective and versatile solution yet for wire-free charging of hundreds of different portable electronic devices. The PowerDisc works with the WildCharger™ pad and other WildCharge-enabled surfaces, allowing for the charging of multiple categories of devices including cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, e-book readers, GPS units, and more. The PowerDisc is also the first WildCharge accessory to work with LG and Samsung cell phones, furthering WildCharge’s compatibility across most major brands.

“WildCharge technology is making the wire-free power experience a reality for everyone, everywhere. The new PowerDisc furthers this vision by opening the door to wire-free power for literally hundreds of devices,” said Dennis Grant, CEO and chairman of WildCharge. “Our licensing partners and consumers have been eager for a low-cost solution that enables them to use the WildCharge technology with a wide variety of portable electronics. We are extremely pleased to offer the PowerDisc as the answer to that need.”

The PowerDisc comes with seven interchangeable PowerLinks™ to provide charging compatibility with not only the aforementioned LG and Samsung phones, but also with devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, RIM, Palm and more. The PowerDisc requires no installation and is incredibly easy to use. Users simply select the correct PowerLink, plug the appropriate end into the disc, and the other end into their device. When the disc is placed on a WildCharger Pad, or other WildCharge-enabled surface, the device will receive a full charge. Because of the PowerDisc’s small size, several can be placed on a WildCharger pad at once, enabling the charging of several devices from one pad or charging surface, without having to occupy multiple power outlets with individual AC Adapters.

The WildCharge PowerDisc is part of the WildCharge Reference Design Library, which allows licensing partners to brand the product and add it to their own line-up of product offerings. The hospitality industry in particular, including hotels, airports, restaurants and convention centers, has taken a significant interest in providing a high-quality, wire-free charging experience to guests, and several companies are currently working with WildCharge to make that interest a reality in the very near future. Consumers can purchase the PowerDisc and accompanying PowerLinks directly from www.wildcharge.com for $19.99. A bundle comprised of the WildCharger Pad along with the PowerDisc and accompanying PowerLinks is also available for $64.99

WildCharge provides the only commercially available technology that enables licensing partners to deliver wire-free charging to a variety of devices that require varying amounts of power. From cell phones that require only a few watts of power to laptops that need over a hundred watts, virtually any device that has a rechargeable battery can be powered from a single, contiguous, and non-discriminating charging surface. WildCharge technology has met the industry’s most stringent regulatory and safety standards, including UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, and has been certified across all of the GSM bands. WildCharge enables licensees to bring new items to market quickly and cost effectively through its reference design library, which features wire-free products that have been conceived, engineered and tooled with a pre-established supply chain.

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