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White Nokia Lumia 800 to Hit the Market Soon Abhishek Anand | , 5:30 p.m. Feb. 7, 2012 2012-02-07

You will find the white Nokia Lumia 800, a full-fledged Windows Phone with a trendy design, very enticing. With its magnetic appearance, you will like to play with amazing features. It is a wonderful gadget with all features that you might be looking in a new device.

GLOBAL - The time is white for the iconic Nokia Lumia 800’s fourth colour. And here it is, in beautiful, dazzling, glossy, snow-white.

The Nokia Lumia 800, dubbed the first real Windows Phone, has been turning heads ever since it was launched back in October, thanks to its stunning curved design in cyan, magenta and black.

But news of the phone’s launch in white today is the icing on the cake.

In white, the smoothly-crafted polycarbonate unibody case perfectly offsets the uniquely curved ClearBlack touch screen.

It is the ultimate minimalist colour scheme to emphasise the purity of the phone’s design, allowing the live Windows tiles and images on the display to come to life with no distractions.

And it adds a fourth choice to the Nokia Lumia 800 package in stores, giving the smartphone a unique presence in the style stakes.

Adopting the same shiny white that has already appeared on the N9, this design stands out in a crowd like no other phone. Nokia Conversations colleagues who have tested it in public have been approached by total strangers asking where they can get one.

This is no spray-on finish. Like the other Nokia Lumia 800’s colours, the unibody polycarbonate is dyed all the way through and milled like metal to give it the high-tech feel.

And, like all Nokia Lumia 800s, this white edition can only be fully appreciated when you hold it in your hand and tap the screen to try its premium smartphone features including, fast Web browsing, apps, music, Nokia Drive (the free turn-by-turn navigation system), and Nokia Maps.

Not forgetting its use as a phone, with superb, clear reception via its superior antenna, engineered to prevent losing calls, thanks to the choice of a polycarbonate casing instead of metal.

The white Nokia Lumia 800 is due to be rolled out first in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland, with other countries to follow.


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