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What makes apple the best of the best? Phoneboy321 | , 6:49 p.m. Jan. 20, 2009 2009-01-20

I visit lots of places like the Apple store and they are always full. Then I thought of something “What makes Apple better than other companies?” First of all, they are a little pricy but if they made a $500.00 apple computer it would be just like what Steve Jobs said, “It would suck”.

That is absolutely right considering that doesn’t stop Apple from making money. One reason why Apple is so nice is their interface. The iPhone has a great interface and it’s so easy to use a cave man can do it. Second is the great ideas and thoughts. The Macbook AIR was a great idea. It is light and feels good even though it doesn’t have a CD slot. Third is the software; for example, the new Garage Band 09 teaches you how to play the guitar and the piano. Don’t forget the new iPhoto has face recognition and it sorts all your photos by the face.

You can’t forget the App store! That now has half a billion downloads! From A to Z and whatever your taste is you can find it in the app store, on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. I hope you understand why Apple is so important and good.


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