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We cannot live without mobile phones V.J. | , 1:41 p.m. July 23, 2008 2008-07-23


Mobile technology is definitely taking occupying a top position in what technologies are imperious for human activities. Many are quite dependable on mobile phones for a successful business day or for anything else business related. In the near future you may also be able to use your mobile phone and make bank transfers while on the move.


Carphone Warehouse issues a Mobile Life report every year. This year’s report comes with some interesting conclusions. After surveying about 6000 adults and children in the UK and the US the researchers found that more than 50 per cent of Britain’s young people prefer to write SMS. This is their preferred way to stay in touch.


In fact, the report said that almost nobody uses the traditional post to stay in touch. About 2 per cent of adults living in the UK use letters to keep in touch with family and friends, the rest either use email or a quick mobile phone or SMS.


The Carphone Warehouse’s suggests that more and more people are using mobile phones even as a form of entertainment. Using mobile phones is a top priority for anyone living in the UK, from young to old. According to the report, cellphones are more used than TVs.


With all the mobile TV services now available it comes with no surprise that the mobile phone industry is slowly but surely controlling our social life and business. More business people use their mobile phone to receive news services regarding their own business perimeter. Mobile entertainment is also growing daily with new cellphones designed to let their users watch TV while on the go.

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