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Vodafone Qatar launches first online store V.J. | , 4:40 p.m. July 11, 2009 2009-07-11

Leading mobile telecom service provider Vodafone Qatar just opened its first online store at Vodafone.com.qa. The store offers a number of value packages and free Vodafone minutes.

“The Vodafone team is very proud and excited that everyone in Qatar can now jump into the exciting new world of Vodafone,” said Grahame Maher(image), CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

“People in Qatar finally have the freedom to choose. Vodafone is offering fantastic value to customers and joining us is easy and convenient.  A big and warm welcome to all our customers who are now choosing to join us!” he added, as cited from Trade Arabia.

Vodafone new services include Flexi, Freedom, Numbers and Welcome Pack.

Flexi is a service used for all local and international calling, SMS, Roaming and mobile internet. With this service customers pay a single rate for local calls and one single rate for international calls.

Using Freedon, people will not have to worry paying the monthly plan. A Freedom account gets paid automatically from a customer’s credit card or bank account. Now Vodafone makes it possible for customers to pick any available number from the entire Vodafone number range, including the very exclusive Star Numbers.

Additionally, for a limited time customers who join in Vodafone’s online store can reserve their own “My Number” for free.

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