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Vodafone iPhone Plans for Australia Announced V.J. | , 12:09 p.m. July 9, 2008 2008-07-09


It seems that Vodafone was late in presenting its plans for the iPhone. The other two biggest mobile phone operators in Australia already announced their pricing structures last week. Telstra and Optus unveiled their pricings but it seems Vodafone was late.


Shivering over its offer, Vodafone did not manage to give any details on the iPhone plan. According to local press the company posted the prices before it was ready to release them. Still somebody saw them and shares the information with us.


According to the Australian PC Authority magazine, the cheapest monthly plan will cost $69 which will give you an additional 250 mb worth of data. Acquiring this plan, you’ll have to pay around $189 for the 8GB and $309 for the 16 GB.


A number of other contracts and offers are available. For example, with a $169 per month contract you can get the 8GB iPhone for free and the 16GB will cost just $89. The contract offers around $1200 of minutes and 1GB of data.


Vodafone will give more details on Friday, when they plan to launch the service.

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