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Vindigo is out of the game V.J. | , 4:22 p.m. Sept. 25, 2008 2008-09-25


Remember your old MIDI ringtones? The ones that were quite annoying that you have later replaced with mp3 or polyphonic ringtones? Well, probably some of them were made by Vindigo.


The company was one of the original ringtone vendors out there and one of the companies targeted by For-Side that brought Vindigo in 2004, but a few business mistakes, and a lack of market research made the company disintegrate.


Vindigo will show down in the near future leaving over 30 employees without jobs. For-Side bought at the same time another company named Zingy and after various difficulties finally decided to merge the two.


However, For-Side also bought a UK-based company named iTouch for about $330m that proved a disastrous business step. iTouch was finally sold in 2007 for far less than that, writes Mobile-ent.biz

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