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The Video calling iphone will be soon available Bhrat Brij | , 11:31 p.m. Feb. 5, 2009 2009-02-05

The latest video call enabled iphone, you have been waiting since long is reported to be launched in the coming June this year. These reports have originated from U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates). The rumor is centered on the comments made on the article by Emirates Business 24/7 about the Etisalat’s new plans for the latest iphone deployment. This rumor has also been picked up by the AppleInsider reading that next version of Iphone is due to be out in this June.

The existing version of the iphone lacked video calling but still has been able to attract most of the world’s population by its sensational design and other features. The demand for the iphones have risen in the last few weeks and expected to increase with the launch of the new video calling iphone in June this year. The phone is planned to be launched in UAE on same time of its launch in USA.

But the news will be quite disappointing for those who have already tied themselves up in the two year contract with original iphone. The rumors seem to be solid and will surely make some people frown at apple for launching this new feature just after few months after the original one.

Meanwhile Information week has tried to find out about the reality behind the rumor and found it to be almost true and definitely the newer version of the apple is on cards. The apple’s iphone patent listed that besides the video conferencing feature many other existing features will be updated and improved. Also one optical sensor will also be placed on front of newest version and will help to obtain the view of the other party while video conferencing. You will be able to chat and view the video of the person simultaneously with this remarkable feature and will give you an ultimate, never felt before experience. No doubt, touch screen was fantabulous earlier and is of the same quality still.
The apple patents are definite about the video calling feature but the certainty of this feature to be included in the next version is still shady. The iphone video conversation feature will definitely be introduced but the time of introduction is still not decided. The wait for the latest feature in the newest version of apple is still awaited and will definitely become a craze among the numerous apple fans.

The early apple iphone is still making news among many people because of its coolest features and picture zoom. The voice clarity and all touch features have made people addicted to the newer generation of phone. The introduction of the video calling feature will bring a breath of fresh air once again as apple has always been known for creating something new with the phones every time to make your phone experience more luxuriant and exciting.

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