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US mobile health care services on the rise Richard Seynfield | , 7:39 a.m. May 9, 2008 2008-05-09

The US advisory portal About.com offers a new calories information service to their customers. Upon request SMS with the simple description of the specific foods in question does one receive an answer message with nutrition details. Their database set currently contains more than 70'000 entries and each and every one of them is waiting to be used and eaten!

About.com which is part of the New York Times Group has risen to some popularity within the United States for their variety of do-it-yourself recommendations and product testings.

SMS services like the one from About.com have gained quite a significant momentum lately. Apart from mobile information systems such as Amazon's TextBuyIt order application are especially health care oriented services on the rise.

As such offers the Tobacco Free Florida initiative a mobile service which enables smokers to log their cigarette consume online and share it with the community via Twitter blog - fancily labeled 'Quitter' for that matter.
Quitter enables their users to keep track of how many cigarettes they have smoked each day with the option to create a journal of one's thoughts and feelings during their strive to smoke less. Apart from being a nice overview over the quitting progress does Quitter also aim for a certain amount of peer pressure to help their users remain strong in their desire to quit the cigs. So in the end they merely went mobile in those techniques which make real world support groups successful in the first place. Only that the next session is not a week but merely a message away.

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