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UPDATE: Recycle Your Mobile Phone! V.J. | , 2:50 p.m. July 9, 2008 2008-07-09

Studies show that the mobile industry is the least industry there is. Few people are actually considering recycling their used phones and most don’t even know this is possible.

This has serious consequences on the environment as research shows. The mobile industry is highly disregarding the damages made to the environment, a recent report shows. The report also says that the mobile phone industry was a big surprise as few devices are recycled.

A research conducted by Cohn & Wolfe PR and Landor Associates into green industries and questioning around 1000 people, gives disturbing news. The researchers looked at different industries and concluded that the mobile industry is at the bottom.

They say that some companies have good environment protection policies such as Nokia. The Finns have a great number of recycling posts and accept not only Nokia phones but all devices with no exceptions.

The researchers also suggest that companies should ‘connect with people on a personal level’ if they want to successfully conduct their environment protection policies. But not companies are to blame. As said before, few mobile phone users are even considering recycling their phones. In some countries the devices are resold, or used exhaustively until it doesn’t function anymore. Instead of going to a local recycling post the vast majority prefer to simply throw it away in the garbage along with other materials.

If users want better phones, more evolved handsets with great features and at a low price they should really consider recycling. For example, Nokia repetitively said that they use recycle phones to produce other new. As the study also says, Nokia has the best recycling policy there is. If you want to find out more go to www.nokia.com/werecycle

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