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UPDATE: Mobistar will Unleash the iPhone on Friday V.J. | , 3:14 p.m. July 9, 2008 2008-07-09

Good news for anyone who really wants to buy an iPhone. As recently reported, Mobistar SA will release an unlocked version of iPhone. This means that you can buy the device without any other concerns. You do not have to get a subscription or anything else in that matter.

The only problem is that the device costs slightly more than in other countries. The 8GB model will be available for around $823 and the 16GB price goes above $1000. Still this is not a so important obstacle to appear between you and the priceless iPhone. In any case you must also take action as soon as possible because on Friday, this week, the first 250 devices will be released, but soon after that Mobistar will make other available.

Mobistar SA got an agreement with Apple Inc. and Orange in May which gives the company exclusive right to merchandize the iPhone in Belgium. The first 250 iPhones will be sold starting at 12 a.m. in Brussels at the Mobistar Center.

Customers will not be able to buy more devices, as for Friday rules say that only one iPhone is available for a customer. As O2 and Carphone ran out of iPhones in about two hours, how long will take for 250 models to get sold?

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