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Two handsets added to the LG Wael Kfoury Collection V.J. | , 12:20 p.m. May 5, 2009 2009-05-05

Digital leader LG Electronics launched two new inspirational mobile phones to add to the Wael Kfoury Collection in Dubai this morning to cap an extraordinary year for the company.

At a press conference held in Bustan Rotana Hotel, the popular singer, who has hundreds of thousand of fans across the Arab world joined Mr H S Paik, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE to celebrate LG's achievement in the mobile business this year and reveal the unique handsets.

The past twelve months have seen a great leap forward for LG in the global marketplace, moving from 4th to 3rd place in mobile phone sales and fast closing in on the 2nd position. Regionally, despite the current economic climate, sales have increased by an impressive 15% according to the recently announced first quarter results.

“Mobile technology and music have a lot in common. The rhythmic lighting that changes along with music on the KM335 gives it a really good look and feel. The GM200 Smart-Profiling that adjusts the volume to the background is a great feature. The audio on both phones is excellent,” said Mr Paik.
Wael believes that the mobiles will be a huge hit with his fans. 'Both handsets give the best audio quality yet and let you enjoy your own music and style while you're on the go,' said the multi award-winning singer.

"And one of the many reasons I like to partner with LG is because they always bring out what's right for the time and the trends."

The new KM 335 phone comes in a special Wael Kfoury pack and has his new song 'Law Hobna Ghalta' embedded in the phone which also has dual speakers with 3D surround sound, providing an excellent audio experience.

The 335 is also packed with other features: it comes with a high quality 3 mega pixel camera, FM and AM Radio, Bluetooth 2 and 1GB Micro SD memory card to keep safe all those magic moments, movies and music.

The other inspirational addition to the Wael Kfoury collection is the GM200, which is geared towards providing the highest quality mobile audio on the market. This stylish phone has the latest Channel Stereo Subwoofer Speaker System with Dolby, a Smart-Profiling system that adjusts the volume to match your surroundings as well as a 2 Mega Pixel camera, wireless FM, Bluetooth and a Micro SD memory card.

Mr Paik said that LG's direction and focus would increase its market share and strength even further in the future.

"In Middle East and Africa, LG has decided to concentrate its efforts on two basic technology platforms. The first of these is the stylish touch phones and the other platform is music. LG mobile phones will continue to grow and gain market share throughout 2009 and I appreciate Wael's support towards LG's initiatives in the region."

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