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Twittering on the Go Karishma Sundaram | , 6 p.m. Nov. 3, 2009 2009-11-03

What are you doing? A simple question with limitless possibilities: whether to strike up conversations or to keep friends and family updated. Essentially that is the model with which Twitter started out, however it has no morphed into an entity all its own. 

Blogging is an Internet syndrome of sorts; almost everyone does it. It is the ability to share one’s thoughts with people outside their immediate physical circle. A blogger has the impression that they are immortalizing themselves a little, by putting something out into the world that everyone can potentially see. Twitter is micro-blogging service, where people can share their thoughts in 140 characters or less. Of course the medium was going to be a hit, as the inherent laziness of the Internet generation kicked in. Also, micro-blogging significantly reduces the time it takes to blog. 

Twitter has spawned a number of by-products, hoping to hitch a ride on one of the fattest Internet cash cows. There are applications galore, like updaters, readers, and photo-sharing services, available on mobiles, handhelds, desktops among other gadgets. However, considering the original premise of the service, Twitter access on the go is perhaps the most desirable alternative. 

Although there is certainly no dearth of Twitter apps available on the Internet, regardless of phone manufacturer or operating system, Peek decided to do something different: create a handheld device only for Twitter. 

Shock value will get this venture a lot of attention, which it may or may not actually deserve. People are going to gape at the audacity of releasing a device that has only one function, in a market filled to overflowing with phones that can do anything short of turning cartwheels. We have previously seen simplified phones, with reduced features, however the Twitter Peek does not even qualify as a phone. 

Peek is known for releasing great handsets at unimaginably low prices. The quality is excellent, and some of the earlier models have actually been smartphones. There is still a great deal of confusion regarding why Peek would release a handheld just for Twitter, but the fact remains that they have done just that. The target market is those people who have basic phones, without the gymnastic capabilities of the normal smartphones. These people possibly cannot have an app on their phone, and are therefore missing out on the on-the-go Twitter action – which, as iterated before, underlines the foundation principle of using Twitter in the first place. 

The device is retailing from Amazon starting today. It is going to be sold in one of two colours: a charcoal gray and a bright aqua, mirroring the colours of Twitter. It is a sleek device with a full QWERTY keyboard and, of course, full Twitter functionality. The price is only $99 with 6 months unlimited service, or $199 for the lifetime option. It works out to being a much more affordable alternative to a smartphone with an expensive rental agreement that usually comes in tow. 

Check out the device here, on the company website.

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