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TripIt – get travel infos V.J. | , 12:41 a.m. April 13, 2008 2008-04-13

Some people consider have a built-in digital camera of some 3 megapixel a complete waste of space, time and efforts. Many say if you want a camera then buy a camera, if you want to talk to people while walking then buy a cell phone, when you want to play games, buy a console or a PC etc. Talking about usefully gadgets or software on mobile phones we cannot ignore the new TripIt.

Let’s say you are going to London and want to see what hotels have a room free or simply how to get to the Big Bang. By using TripIt all these answers may be answered and even more, if you have a friend also visiting London this application can tell you about his presence.

How it works, you ask? You have to send and email to plans@tripit.com, and the software will conduct a series of actions after which you will receive a comprehensive list loaded with all information you need. TripIt will access some highly popular websites like Google or Wikipedia, Flickr and Eventuf, after this it creates a list specially designed for mobile phones containing all kinds of information. After reading your travel plans sent to the above email, TripIt will organize them and will add local maps, driving directions, city guides and weather reports to it.


Travelers can now easily organize their plans following the release of TripIt Mobile, which works from popular mobile devices including Apple iPhone, Palm Treo and RIM BlackBerry.


Probably the best part is that TripIt Mobile is a free service and that you are able to even print your trip plans from anywhere. Now this is a very useful tool for people who like the road. If an mp3 player may be viewed by some as useless to mobile phones, they has to recognize TripIt Mobile as requisite.

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