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Top Mobile Internet Activities: Email and Social Networking V.J. | , 1:57 p.m. May 13, 2009 2009-05-13

The evolution of mobile Internet usage is unquestionable. According to a new survey performed by Webcredible, revealed that over 55% use mobile Internet for emailing and social networking.

The research polled more that 1,100 online users between February and April 2009 on what they used their mobile phone for most with the exception of calls and text messaging. According to the results, checking email and social networking came in as the most popular pastimes with 39 percent of mobile Internet users using email and over 15 percent of using social networking. The research also found out that only 16 percent of mobile Internet users downloaded ringtones mostly.

13 percent of mobile Internet users mainly used it for reading news and sport content, 12 percent used it for maps and directions and 4 percent for local and travel news.

“Social networking sites are helping the mobile Internet reach its tipping point. We are now seeing an increasing number of people taking a real multi-channel approach to their communications with the growth in the use of email, Facebook and Twitter on the mobile, no doubt assisted by newer, technically advanced handsets like the iPhone,” said Abid Warsi, Senior Consultant at Webcredible.

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