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Too many mobile operating systems, says Nokia executive V.J. | , 2:32 p.m. Jan. 4, 2010 2010-01-04

A senior Nokia executive said that the mobile operating system market is overcrowded. He added that about half the mobile operating systems available today will survive the very competitive global market.

In an interview with the India Economic Times, Rick Simonson said that there are simply too many operating systems available. “There is definitely not enough room for more that 4-5 operating systems.”

Currently there are around 10 operating systems available on the market and more are coming. Samsung has announced the intention of introducing its own bada software in the market sometime this year. The new entry will definitely increase competition.

"Scale is critical. For instance, Palm's OS is very good, but with less than one percent of the global volumes, it won't be too appealing to developers," Simonson added.

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