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Thousands of iPhone handsets Fill Carphone Warehouse Stock V.J. | , 4:45 p.m. July 10, 2008 2008-07-10


In a matter of hours all available iPhone 3G handsets offered by O2 and Carphone were sold out. Even a service launch enabling existent subscribers to upgrade their iPhone to an improved version was flooded with requests.


The service was supposed to let users upgrade their iPhone to 8GB or 16GB using O2’s website. A few hours later after the launch the website went down and O2 officials struggled to present veritable answers. Frustrated customers demanded an explanation for what was going on. With all the problems the companies have had to face their iPhone stocks ran out as fast as Superman could travel to the China.


No worries. Carphone Warehouse brought in tons of iPhone 3G handsets. They are prepared to be added to Carphone stores. Tomorrow, Friday, July 11, people can go and buy one with no worries.


According to company officials, this time there are enough devices for everyone. People will not have to fight their way through endless line to get the precious iPhone. Friday is also the official launch they and the company surely expects a lot of sales. And they have all reasons for that and most probably they won’t get disappointed.


The iPhone has a tremendous impact in the UK market. As reported, O2 and Carphone ran out of any possibility to add more iPhones to be preordered. Tomorrow, Carphone Warehouse stores will open their doors at 8:02 am.

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