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Talk to the hand, literally V.J. | , 1:07 a.m. April 13, 2008 2008-04-13

A mobile phone fusion with arm clocks isn’t something very spectacularly but the new Van der Led MW2 simply puts the fashion in fashion and elegance in elegance if you understand what I mean.

Simply take a look at its black silver design with everything stylish needed. But this product doesn’t come naked. It has a digital watch; you won’t have any problems seeing it, a 1.3 inch touch screen display. Below is a spacious keyboard allows you to insert phone numbers and write text messages without any difficulties. Phone conversations can be made via Bluetooth and it has an integrated FM radio gadget.

Now, try to find the built-in camera. You don’t see it right? This model has an almost microscopic camera of 1.3 mega pixel resolution, very hard to notice. This reminds me of James Bond movies, the Van der Led MW2 is definitely a 007 item. Even more, this baby has a mini USB port and a memory of 1GB, as for battery it can stay alive for nearly 240 hours in stand by and 5 hours in a continuous conversation.


Now here’s the perfect product to help you play spy, if not and you are a serious adult who wants some class in his outfit and appearance, this is the perfect model for you. If you are from New Zealand, please don’t use it while driving.

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