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T-Mobile’s “Project Dark” now official V.J. | , 11:30 a.m. Oct. 26, 2009 2009-10-26

It has been rumored that T-Mobile will offer something new for their subscribers – new contract pricing and rate prices. The new offer named “Project Dark” has finally been unveiled officially. The company has presented this weekend the Even More and Even More Plus plans.

The Even More plan comes with a two-year contract agreement and discounted phones and also includes individual prices starting at $59 per month to $99 if the user wants to benefit from unlimited messaging and text.  The plan includes the Even More 500 Talk, Even More 1000 Talk and Even More Unlimited Talk options priced at $39,99, $49,99 and $59,99.

The Even More Plus plan comes, however, with no discount for handsets, yet it comes with unlimited individual prices from $49 for voice up to $79 for pretty much everything. The plan includes the Talk, Talk + Text and Talk + Text + Web options with 500, 1000 or unlimited options for users. The services are priced starting at $29,99 to $49,99.

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