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T-Mobile Confirms Google Phone Release Date V.J. | , 3:56 p.m. Sept. 17, 2008 2008-09-17


The first ever Android run phone will be released in New York on 23 September. T-Mobile finally announced the official release date as the company was pressured from all sides to do that.


User interest in the new and first ever Android phone rises and it finally persuaded T-Mobile to announce the official launch date. As mentioned above, the date and location are September 23, New York, reports Astigan.com


It’s not known actually where in New York the launch will take place, but it is quite obvious that at the biggest T-Mobile shop there. Anyway, the Android phone has been awaited keenly by all mobile phone enthusiasts.


On problem still remains, there is not official name for the handset. It is built by HTC and released by T-Mobile, but the handset doesn’t have a name. However, two names have been proposed and it is highly possible that the company will adopt one: ‘G1’ and ‘Dream’.

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