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AT&T Makes Sony Ericsson W350a Available V.J. | , 4:25 p.m. Aug. 21, 2008 2008-08-21

AT&T is surely one ever-growing company that offers the most spectacular mobile phones. But their portfolio doesn’t limit itself to extremely expensive and high-end devices; in fact they release and enrich their offer with every chance they get.

AT&T subscribers know they can get almost any phone they want from this company. Recently, AT&T has decided to make available yet another walkman phone. This new entry to their Walkman phone list is Sony Ericsson W350a

The handset does not come with the latest mobile technology nor does it has a multi-megapixel camera phone. Actually its features and design are modest. Its keycover reminds of some old cellphones as does the design. But it is still a formidable Walkman phone forged for anyone who wants to listen to music while mobile.

Sony Ericsson W350a comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera that will allow for modest quality photos. But the handset was not built to take good photos, it was made for mobile music listening.

The device comes with a FM radio and an excellent music player. AT&T is giving the phone free with a contract agreement. This probably is worth it as you can chose a good plan and have a superb Walkman phone.

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