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AT&T Grows Daily V.J. | , 12:53 p.m. Aug. 8, 2008 2008-08-08


Recently, the quarter results have been released by AT&T. The company surely has a strong position in the mobile phone industry and the numbers of subscribers are rather impressive.


Their profits have been increasing recently mainly because of their great service and the releasing of new mobile phones to suit customer needs. In AT&T’s portfolio we can find devices from high-end with the latest mobile technology to the most basic mobile phones. This is actually good because the user has the chance to choose and suit his budget.


In any case, the report says that AT&T now has 72.9 million subscribers. The figure represents an increase as lat year in Q2; the company had 9.2 million subscribers less. In addition the company says it has a 52 per cent increase in revenue from Q1.


The company’s income for is about $2.998 billion on revenue of $12.0 billion. This income represents an astonishing 92.9 per cent up since Q2 last year. There have been many new improvements and innovations in the company which cleared the way for this remarkable income boast.


You can download the AT&T’s Full report here.

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