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Swype is now available for Nokia's Symbian^3 devices Sheetal Thakre | , 10:51 a.m. Oct. 19, 2010 2010-10-19

Swype has been made available for Nokia cell phones like Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 and may certainly benefit Nokia E7 as well. This text entry method seems to have made texting an advanced and comparatively superior task as it now becomes possible to rapidly draw the word by linking the letters onscreen with the help of Swype.

Herewith, it could be sensed that Swype may soon replace the present QWERTY keyboard. How?

With features like auto-capitalization and spacing, intelligent editing and custom dictionary, Swype offers a prospective and a relatively quicker method of text entry and is now available to download for your Symbian^3 device.

Moreover, Symbian^1 devices are likely to benefit too as the keyboard executes speedily with it. And with the capacitive screens of those two, it will be apparently better to enter text.

Swype is available in the Ovi Store and on Symbian^3 device but is not available in all markets and has limited language support (English UK, English US, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

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