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Swine flu to affect wireless revenues? V.J. | , 10:22 p.m. April 29, 2009 2009-04-29

Rogers Communications recently said that swine flu could ‘dent revenue at its wireless unit if travel restrictions prevent its mobile phone subscribers from ringing up costly roaming charges’, writes Reuters.

"To the extent that we see the swine flu accelerate, I think we can expect to see some softening in roaming revenues," Rob Bruce, the head of the Canadian company's wireless division, told analysts.

According to reports, travel restrictions imposed in order to halt the spread of swine flu may mean fewer foreigners accruing roaming charges on Rogers’s network and fewer Rogers subscribers using other networks abroad. In consequence revenues would fall noticeably.

Telmex, a Mexican phone service provider, on the other had said that the company could benefit as a result of the swine flu because a rising number of calls between concerned friends and relatives may mean higher traffic for the company.

We can now easily start a conspiracy theory.

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