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Subscriber Gets Massive Phone Bill After Downloading Prison Break V.J. | , 7:33 p.m. July 10, 2008 2008-07-10


A Vodafone user enjoying his vacation in Portugal receives a breath taking phone bill after he downloaded a few track and a Prison Break episode.


Iayn Dobson was on holiday in Portugal when he decided to use his mobile phone to download some music tracks and a Prison Break episode for entertainment. He was, and probably still is, connected to Yes Telecom, a Vodafone owned company. His enjoyable Prison Break view and holiday relaxation were pulverized after seeing the phone bill.


After he received the phone bill, he curiously opened it to see what he has to pay. To his astonishment, the bill counted more zeros a healthy eye should meet. The bill said he has to pay 31,000 pounds. Immediately he objected to the massive bill and Vodafone finally agreed to lower the sum to 229 pounds. Still this represents quite a large fee to pay for downloading some music tracks and a Prison Break episode.


Here is a good tip. If you are a Vodafone subscriber, don’t download any TV programs or music related data, or anything else in that matter because the bill could probably cost you your house and even more. Following the event, the company did not present any solution on how could this happen, but it probably gives the EU more reasons to lower the mobile phone rates.

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