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Strong and Sturdy - The Nautiz X5 Karishma Sundaram | , 2:02 p.m. Feb. 28, 2009 2009-02-28

Phones are an essential companion, whether on trips abroad or on adventure hikes. However, not all phones have the strength to withstand the elements; in fact, a phone that survives a drop of more than a few feet without splintering into pieces is a rarity indeed. 

Without a doubt, mobile phones keep people in the most far-flung places connected, most of the time, and having a phone in the event of an accident or any untoward incident could actually save lives. It is unlikely, however, that a normal phone would be able to function in extreme climactic situations. This is exactly the kind of situation where one leaves behind the fancy smart phone with all the features and functionality, and takes in its stead, the Nautiz X5. 

Packaged features

Perhaps one of the most colourful phones that are targeted at adults, the Nautiz X5 is not just a simplistic phone with the bare minimum of features. The colourful device is a smart phone in disguise, as the Nautiz X5 comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1. The phone has a 806 MHz Xscale processor; and with 256 MB of RAM, the memory is fairly good, although the flash memory is only average with 512 MB. However there is a Micro SD slot for extending the memory with removable cards. 

The screen is a moderately large one at 3.5 inches and a VGA resolution. The phone has a 3 megapixel camera, with a flash and even has an autofocus feature. 

The phone is compatible with GSM/UMTS voice standard and high-speed HSDPA data connectivity, intended to be used with fast 3G communication. Apart from the standard communication the Nautiz X5 also has integrated Bluetooth and built-in WiFi. It also has a barcode scanner built into the phone. 

It is a comfortably sized phone, weighing approximately 410 grams, apart from being a comfortable size to carry as well.

Rugged, outdoor features

All the features outlined before typify a normal, workaday phone. However, this particular phone is entirely different because of the sheer ruggedness of its build. 

The phone can withstand dust and a quick shower as well, without sustaining any damage whatsoever. So if the user is caught in the rain, and water manages to seep through protective covering, the Nautiz X5 will survive where other phones have met their ends. The ruggedness factor follows a certain standard itself, and the phone is compliant with the IP65 rating, and can operate successfully in a wide range of temperatures.

The Nuatiz X5 has a 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery, which is said to be able to last a full day after a single charge. And there is a built-in GPS functionality which can accurately pinpoint the user’s location – a great feature in a crunch. The GPS has been built in using the SiRF star III GPS chip with InstantFix II technology.

There is no word as to the pricing or the expected availability of this phone model; however it will probably be quite pricey considering the kind of heavy features it has.

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