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Sprint offers learning service for new customers V.J. | , 5:06 p.m. Sept. 9, 2008 2008-09-09


The average mobile phone user has a hard time trying to understand his new cellphone. New handsets, mostly the ones equipped with the latest mobile technology, may give a hard time to even to people who work with mobile phones every day.


Sprint surely understands this problem. The cellphone manufacturers should also realize that the quicker and easier their menu system is, the more customers they will get. Sprint takes the first step in ‘understanding’ how a mobile phone works.


Ready Now is a Sprint service that conciliates the new user and the cellphone. For one day, Sprint closed its doors to train all their employees in stores across the country how to teach the new customer how their cellphone work.


The service is named Ready Now and all new Sprint customers can benefit from it. The service intends to show their subscribers how everything works. It is now available in Sprint retail locations.

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