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Sony Ericsson Yendo = Yizo? Saveri Dhekney | , 10:54 a.m. Sept. 7, 2010 2010-09-07

Sony has a strange way with naming phones and now the confusing is doubling with their recent crop up, the Yizo. The FCC has recently approved a Sony phone named Yizo bearing a striking resemblance to the 2010, June announced Yendo. Well, Sony's history goes a long back with announcing phones in Walkman and non-Walkman versions, so this time it would not have been a surprise. But surprise, surprise!. Its a Walkman phone with a logo stamped on the back cover, same as the Yendo. Even Sony Ericsson site is maintaining two separate websites for both handsets, perhaps confirming the identity of the phones. Whether it is a regional variant or Sony's uncertainty over naming re-naming its phones; the puzzle is still lurking.

Image Courtesy: Engadget

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