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Sony Ericsson US boss leaves V.J. | , 5:44 p.m. March 24, 2009 2009-03-24


Recently, Sony Ericsson has announced that the president of Sony Ericsson US, Najmi Jarwala, will leave the company. According to reports, Jarwala leaves in order to ‘pursue other career opportunities’. However, this might just be a rather hollow statement.

Sony Ericsson expects the worst. In the UK, the company anticipates losses of about 400 million Euros and in North America of about $528 million. These losses could mean another series of job cutbacks in the company. In the same time it is rumored that Sony intends to buy Ericsson’s share of the Sony Ericsson joint venture.

Dick Komiyama, president of Sony Ericsson said, according to vnunet.com, that ‘under Najmi’s leadership we have redefined our North American strategy, built operational excellence and strengthened our total presence considerably in this very important market.’

Jarwalla said that "We have introduced an increasing number of new products, grown market share, built operator relationships and, perhaps most importantly, laid the foundation for North America to play a key role in the long-term growth and success of Sony Ericsson."

Anyway, as mentioned above, there are still huge problems for the Sony Ericsson joint venture and the fact that Jarwala leaves the company is proof of SE’s troubled times.

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