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Sony Ericsson to close a development center V.J. | , 10:20 a.m. Nov. 19, 2009 2009-11-19

Sony Ericsson has announced the company’s intention to close the Kista development center, located near Stockholm. More than 130 employees are in danger of loosing their jobs.

Sony Ericsson said during a press conference that it intends to close the Kista development center. During the press conference a new touch screen mobile phone was also previewed.

Kista development center’s 130 employees and about 100 consultants tied to the center will probably loose their jobs. In a statement, Sony Ericsson said that the company is currently involved in negotiations with unions.

Sony Ericsson spokesperson Gustaf Brusewitz told the TT  news agency that “the closing of the development center in Kista is connected to a global restructuring and streamlining programme we launched last year. It encompasses roughly 2,000 employees.”

The Swedish-Japanese mobile phone manufacturer previewed during the press conference the Sony Ericsson X10 touchscreen mobile phone. The handset is set to run on Google’s Android operating system and carries Sony Ericsson’s hopes to reach a leading position as a touchscreen maker.

The X10 will be released sometime during the first quarter of 2010 and will be followed by several additional touchscreen mobile phones set to launch in the first half of 2010.

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