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Sonim XP1 - the real Man's Cell Richard Seynfield | , 9:38 a.m. April 26, 2008 2008-04-26

Sonim's XP1 is a cell for very real borderline experiences. The self-acclaimed "toughest phone" on the planet may not convince with fancy looks, but in terms of resistance it may very well prove to take on any other phones out there.

Certified with the IP54-standard, it is known to be protected against dust and splashes. But tests have shown it's much better than that. Thanks to it's thick rubber armor it will be easily protected from free falls of heights up to 1.65 meter and resist temperatures from -20 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius. Though the vendor says it can take much more. As such did Sonim encourage anyone willing to try and lay on a hand onto the phone themselves in order to do any harm and damage at all.

Among the tests it could pass undamaged were a drop from a 4-level building, a full bath in a river, a football game (serving as football) and being rolled over by forklift truck. The XP1 would even resist being trampled over by a full-grown elephant as can be seen in a recent YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_ReG7YhRNo.

But finally - one may be tempted to say - it had to give in to the powers of a 3-ton delivery van. Although even then it would still remain partly operational with only it's display getting damaged.

It may not really have any other functionalities one may usually be used to from other recent phones out there - but if one is to spend a lot of time outside or strongly physical this just has gotta be your phone!

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