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SMS Undo app from Melon Mobile to undo careless texting Sheetal Thakre | , 12:01 p.m. Oct. 21, 2010 2010-10-21

Now, you don't have to be anxious about your sent text messages, if later you feel that probably you sent it to a wrong person or simply if it gets out of context. With this, we are referring to the 'SMS Undo' option that has been made available for Nokia and iPhone handsets.

It has now become possible to use an application to prevent hasty texts on Symbian and iOS. The 'SMS Undo' from Bulgaria-based Melon Mobile is a tiny application of 0.06 MB size that allows users to set a grace period in which they can call off their text, or simply revert and correct it.

This application easily runs in the background even when your handset is on. Several easy steps will make the options work for you. And to attain this, you simply have to fasten the Undo function to 'On' and then set the Timer as per your desired time duration (for e.g. 5 to 30 seconds) that you may require to evaluate a text message whilst deciding if you are ready to send, or feel like going back and make some changes to your text message.

And finally, when you feel that the message is satisfactory for you to be sent, then you can hit the Send button displayed by SMS Undo to send your text message. If you wish to make certain modifications, just press 'Cancel' that will return you to the message you created. Now here you can make all the necessary alterations as per your need.

The only caution that has to be kept in mind is while sending a message to multiple recipients. The Help section of the app warns you regarding this by saying that if you choose to undo a send to multiple recipients, you will have to undo and then edit each SMS, individually.

The SMS Undo is available is available in Ovi Store for Nokia devices for around US$1.99 and the Apple iPhone for approximately US$0.99.

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