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SMS cheating, the new trend! V.J. | , 10:19 p.m. April 16, 2008 2008-04-16

SMS has some hidden interesting features doesn’t it? When you are at school completing a math test and your computer is set to silence, you know you can receive answers through your mobile phone. Yes, your cell phone is a powerful little bastards. But don’t try to elaborate on this, play fair.

Things gone real for an Iranian chess player. He participated at a chess competition in Dubai and after a few moves security found something fishy going on. When they tried to stop the player he immediately disposed himself of the phone by throwing it away. But this came not unnoticed, after some minimal investigations Dubai Open Chess officials discovered that the player sent text messages to a friend back in Iran from whom he received indications on his next move.

This may seem a complicated thing to do but he managed. But the two established a smart plan. The game was broadcasted live over the internet and his accomplice was able to see his every move. He saw, he thought, he sent.

The cheater may lose his rating or even get a ban.

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