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Simply a mobile phone V.J. | , 2:18 a.m. April 13, 2008 2008-04-13

As I have pointed out in recent articles, there are some people who don’t expect much from their mobile phones, I am one of them. Some find the need for a camera or any multimedia functions as useless, not to mention games or anything interactive features. Many just want a simple phone to use it as a phone.

Well, here it is the answer to basic mobile phone technology needs. Spice Ltd released a new product with has no fancy design, no high-tech functions and no clear rendering mp3s. Above all this company managed to create a cell phone which costs not more than $20. We are used to acquire mobile phones with GSM technology, Bluetooth support, USB, color display, play graphic quality games and everything you read in reviews. The mobile phone industry is in a continuous evolution, highly elaborated cell phones attack world markets daily.

According to the International Herald Tribune, Spice Ltd. People’s Phone product is expecting to sale 10 million phones in their first year. This company is based in India and they say there is a great need for this type of mobile phones. The same newspaper emphasizes that there are already some 1 million pre-orders for People’s Phone. Success seems inevitable.

In any case if you want a simple phone this is it. It mainly has nothing markets are use to, it is merely a phone designed for being a phone. People’s Phone does not have even a screen, not to mention GPS technology.

If you are concerned in what direction mobile phone industry goes, you should keep an eye on news and events. But this model isn’t revolutionary in any way. There is no ‘back to the roots’ movement, this is merely a business maneuver so don’t get alarmed. Relax, go to your nearest mobile phone shop and buy a fancy phone. Purchase this one if your expectations limit themselves to simple design and strong basic phone functions.

Maybe this model is a collector’s choice. The People’s Phone should, in my opinion, have a suitable place in any mobile phone enthusiast’s collection.

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