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Tired of 3G pace, the French now insist on real download speeds Sheetal Thakre | , 4:31 p.m. July 8, 2010 2010-07-08

Almost annoyed with their 3G speeds, the French have been complaining about their cell phones over 3G speeds.

Though this fury is not new, this time a survey done has revealed that approximately 41% get only EDGE, or even GPRS signal in some areas.  But places where 3G coverage is present, the speeds are more or less pitiable.

On the other hand, things like usage of social networking websites too have become troublesome. People have been using the 3G speed that they are getting for activities like dedicated applications and mobile site versions and thus, feel that it is better suited for this reason only, otherwise its almost useless.

That's why orange, which is one of the largest carriers in France is on target these days, where the people over there have been demanding to make public the standard download speeds in its promotional campaigns like advertising, rather than putting forward only the numbers.

Also, the condition of unlimited data plans has created a platform for disbelief, wherein the users now feel that the unannounced restrictions on download speed is the cause behind it.

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