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SGH-F110 miCoach be your running buddy? Richard Seynfield | , 3:22 p.m. March 16, 2008 2008-03-16

The German sportswear giant Adidas and South Korean global provider and innovator of mobile phones Samsung announced last week that they developed a mobile phone to work with Adidas runners and apparel to guide users through more efficient training.

Described as 'the first true sports music mobile' it directs and supports users during runs by being cell phone, heart rate monitor, stride sensor, MP3 player and the voice of an electronic "personal coach" in one. It collects and analyzes personal data and then customizes personal training plans if asked to.

The SGH-F110 miCoach is expected to hit European retail stores sometime later this month and will roll out in the United States in 2009. The phone will cost something between €200 to €400, depending on the selected service plan users select. U.S. pricing has not yet been set.

Even though not yet out in the U.S., regional Adidas spokeswoman stated miCoach to be "the most advanced coaching system that is out there".
It will have to match up against the Nike+ system which originated from a Nike and Apple cooperation. The Nike+ is wireless system which allows Nike runners with embedded sensor to stay in touch with Apple's iPod Nano. It's most recent update allows users to plug their iPods into gym equipment as well to help track their training there just as well.

It may be more expensive but the SGH-F110 may be well worth it's money as it also includes a mobile phone and a 2 mega-pixel camera. Further technical details include rugged keys, 1GB memory capacity, USB/Bluetooth options, fast file transfers of multimedia contents and seamless sync with the web portal (www.miCoach.com) - which will offer more than 220 different training plans for different levels and
ambitions. The phone itself is a quad-band GSM slider (850/900/1800/1900MHz) that measures 101.5mm x 45mm x 14.5mm and will be available in 7 different color choices: Dark Gray, Tech Silver, Pink Red, Cool Gray, Sapphire Blue, Misty Blue and Sweet Pink. It will furthermore possess a 2.0 inch LCD display to show anything somewhat run detail related. As such it's main purpose will most certainly lie in the workout support by helping to set goals and monitor just how exactly they are being achieved. Once your personal fitness level was determined in a first estimation run and a future goal has been set, ongoing heart rate checks enable it's programs to assist one through a perfect training session by telling one to change in speed and intensity if necessary. Even though not yet implemented, miCoach is also said to soon support running style flexible playlists. That is music which adapts to your training intensity, so one gets around having to listen to Classical music while being midst a sprint session!

With regard to these high-tech gadgets Corso adds that miCoach really is "about getting to the next level, whether that is running a mile or running a marathon". Samsung's Marketing VP YH Lee additionally stated
that "the miCoach phone opens a brand new "sportronics" market created for active users with multimedia tastes" and that they would enable mobile phones "to get closer to individual consumer's lifestyles".

Prospective customers will be furthermore glad to hear that miCoach will work with basically any shoe not necessarily bound to Adidas.

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