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Samsung Unveils Galaxy S III Mini Four Colors Officially Abhishek Anand | , 6:09 a.m. Jan. 11, 2013 2013-01-11

After a long wait, Samsung has finally revealed four new colors for its Galaxy S III mini. The four new colors are Garnet Red, Onyx Black, Titan Gray and Amber Brown. Thanks to Samsung for this new range of colors along wiith its Ceramic White and Pebble Blue color. were already there. And, it’s good news for those who always wanted to see some colorful handy gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy III mini in their hands. Out of all-four-colors, garnet red isn’t new in the US, but other three are seen for the first time.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S III mini, the full-size S III has the same color options. Few days back, the “Onyx Black” color was leaked, but it’s great to see it officially. But on the same time, watching a ‘Titan Gray Samsung Galaxy S III mini' will be fairly surprising too. On the Taiwanese site, you can only watch the Garnet Red version, but other colors are missing.

If you are eager to buy one soon, then wait a little bit to own the new color versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III mini.

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