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Samsung releases new phones in the UK V.J. | , 10:42 a.m. May 6, 2010 2010-05-06

Samsung has recently announced their intention to introduce a new set of handsets in the UK. The company will shortly release a number of phones from entry level handsets to high end devices. The phones are priced from under £30 to £50.

This comes shortly after Samsung has announced two handsets, the Samsung Monte and the highly anticipated Samsung Wave. Both phones will be available for customers in the UK in May (Monte) and in June (Wave).

Samsung will offer a series of entry level phones that include the Samsung HM1000, Samsung WEP495 and the Samsung HM1500. The first is a Bluetooth handset that enables the user to adjunt the volume “in accordance to the level of ambient noise within your environment”, writes Mobile Business Magazine. The phone offers 7 hours talk-time and 400 jours of standby times. The HM1000 will be available in the UK during May 2010.

Samsung WEP495 comes in a series of colors, including pink, orange, yellow, black or white and incorporates Wind Noise Reduction technology, which, as the name suggest, will eliminate the noise caused by the wind hitting the microphone. The Samsung WEP 495 is available now.

Finally, the Samsung HM1500 is an entry level phone with fixed canal earphone which makes it “ideal for use whilst wearing glasses or a helmet”. The handset comes with built-in vibrating alert, microphone, noise reduction, auto volume control and offers up to 6 hours talk time. The Samsung HM1500 is also available now.

Mobile Business Magazine informs that the entry level phones are available at prices under £30.

Samsung Electronics offers 3 mid-level phones as well. The company has decided to release for the UK market the Samsung HM3100, Samsung HF1000, and Samsung WEP570. The first offers 5 hours talk time, active volume control, noise and echo canellation. It will become available in the UK during June 2010.

Samsung HF1000 comes with a beautiful simple and minimal design and ovvers 15 hours talktime and 900 hours of standby time. The phone will launch in the UK during May 2010.

Samsung WEP570 is a phone optimized for in-car use and comes with silver or black design. The handset offers noise reduction, echo cancellation, wind noise reduction, battery level check, automatic volume control, microphone and a USB port. The Samsung WEP570 will launch during May 2010.

The mid-level phones will become available for prices between £30 and £50.

Samsung will also introduce a high-end phone that will cost over £50. The Samsung HM3500 is a Bluetooth handset that offers noise reduction and has the capability to stream stereo audio, among other features. Interesting is the Modus which offers advanced multipoint technology that “allows seamless connectivity between two rich, full-fidelity Bluetooth stereo while also connected to a phone”, writes Mobile Business Magazine. The handset will become available during June 2010.



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One of my friends from work gave me a WEP570 as a present. I already had a Samsung Bluetooth headset and excluding the fact that there was a car charging cradle, I didn’t really see that much difference at first. But, this one definitely has longer battery life and way better call quality (maybe that’s natural for a latest model?) It also is smaller with a more edgy design. I like the overall circular design and the earpiece is effective in holding the headset in place.

How to use is similar to what I already had, but WEP570 is much better in terms of functionality and design. With full battery, you can talk up to 6 hours and a good 200 hours of standby time! I am definitely sure that the product has way better battery life than similar products. It only weighs 11g that it’s not even worth mentioning the weight. Other than the fact that the ear hook is touching the ear, it is so light that you can't feel that you are wearing it. At this one time, I wore it for some time even after hanging up!

I tested the call quality for both indoors and outdoors walking around quickly. Call quality was quite clear indoors. I also went around within 10m to test the Bluetooth connection and there was no disconnection. When I moved to another room and closed the door, the sound seemed to drop a bit but the call quality remained largely unchanged. Outdoor testing also showed much better quality compared to the device I had. I quite like the fact that the surrounding noise is detected to automatically control the volume.

6/18/2010 @ 3:17 AM
Macbain Jackson


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