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Samsung Releases Easy-to-use Handset V.J. | , 1:39 p.m. Sept. 8, 2008 2008-09-08


Samsung will release shortly a mobile phone that is especially designed for people who don’t go along very well with mobile technology. The manufacturer decided to make available a phone that is not that difficult to operate.


A new phone comes from Samsung, the U310. The handset, also known as the Knack, is a modest clamshell that comes with the basic features. Of course, since this handset is designed for quick use it has probably just basic features.


The Samsung U310 comes with 2.2 inch screen and friendly buttons. It also has a 911 emergency button. Overall this handset looks pretty good. It comes with a modest design, nothing fancy here nor extravagant color combinations.


The handset’s features are, of course, basic. The latest mobile technology available wouldn’t have any place in here. Samsung U310 facilitates the use of SMS and comes with a basic menu.

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