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Samsung to release first solar powered phone V.J. | , 12:52 p.m. June 12, 2009 2009-06-12

Samsung Electronics plans to release the company’s first solar powered mobile phone. Dubbed the “Crest Solar” or E1107, it will enable its users to charge the battery anywhere where sun is available and electricity not.

Coming in an elegant black design to attract the solar energy, this phone is another step taken by the company to become more eco-friendly and to keep a leading position in the solar mobile market. ““The Crest Solar represents our effort and commitment to strengthen our leadership in the solar panel mobile market,” said Executive Vice President JK Shin, head of the Mobile Communication Division at Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung Crest Solar will become available in different markets around the world including India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and Latin America starting this month (June 2009).

“With Samsung’s cutting edge technology and consumer-oriented strategy, I believe the Crest Solar will be the perfect fit for anyone in any market ? not only because it is solar powered, but because it has features that were designed to appeal to various cultures,” Shin added.

Samsung Crest Solar enables users to have about 5-10 minutes talktime with one hour of solar charging and additionally enabling to save money and energy consumption of traditional electrical charging.

The handset comes with FM radio, Mp3 ring tones, games and a powerful torch light. It also offers Mobile Tracker which autmatically alerts when the SIM card is changed or sends out an SOS message in case of an emergency. Furthermore, the Crest Solar provides specialized features for different regions, even alerts for prayer time.

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