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Samsung M150 to be released in the UK V.J. | , 2:33 p.m. July 23, 2008 2008-07-23


Samsung just loves to have many new releases. Recently Samsung has announced a new release, the M150 handset. The new mobile phone seeks to become owned by users who do not ask much of a cellphone other than functioning well when writing SMS and enjoying other basic features.


The M150 is basically a budget end of the market and may come with a low price. Its features are not extraordinary but can easily satisfy any user who doesn’t want a complex phone but one with basic features. The design is very attractive, basic but stylish and elegant.


The new Samsung M150 comes with a 1.77 inch color LCD screen, which is pretty much as basic as a device can get nowadays. It comes with a 20MB internal memory and a dual-band antenna. The M150 also has a few entertainment features like FM radio and built-in music player. It also has Bluetooth support and in addition it may be possible to get a VGA camera built-in but there is no further information in this matter. Data transfer can be done via GRPS but there is no 3G connection.


One interesting aspect of this release is the fact that the user will be able to choose from a number of colors. These include light gray, charcoal gray, white, lavender pink and ice blue. The new device will be launched in the near future but an exact date is unknown. For the moment there is no more information on the distribution of the handset in the UK. The prices are unknown as well. When we will know more, you’ll know more.

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