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Samsung goes no 1 in the US V.J. | , 11:43 a.m. Nov. 11, 2008 2008-11-11


The mobile phone market in the US is at its peak. All the latest mobile phones are available there and most have their first appearances in the country. Until recently statistics showed that Motorola is the favorite there but things change.


In the third quarter, statistics show that Motorola manage to have just 21.1 per cent of the leading mobile phones sales in the US, a figure that dropped dramatically since last year in Q3 they had 32.7 per cent. However, Samsung has taken the lead position after they have 21.1 per cent.


It was inevitable that Motorola would be dethroned. But the manufacturer says they will focus on three brand new mobile phones, one based on Google’s Android for mid- and high end phones and a Windows Mobile smartphone.


Yet, these handsets will have to wait, as the Android phones will not be available until next Christmas. It may be that Motorola will retake the leading position as the no.1 mobile phone manufacturer in the US, but until then Samsung will fight to keep this position.

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