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Samsung Galaxy Tab to come for approximately €759 at O2 Germany Sheetal Thakre | , 1:04 p.m. Oct. 8, 2010 2010-10-08

O2 Germany has happened to be one of the earliest carriers to offer a 7" android slate through their My Handy payment plan. The rumor of  €759 price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been revealed where the carrier is asking for an initial €99 deposit, after which 24 monthly payments of €27.50 each.

Though the official information regarding the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab is not yet out, the cell phone is expected to arrive in a while later this month. 

Nevertheless, it is not certain whether the same price will be offered by other mobile carriers as well. Also, this pricing don't incorporate wireless service.Chances are that it may likey to differ too as each carrier may look for its own market share and other perspectives.

Thus, if you wish to take benefit of the Galaxy Tab's 3G/UMTS voice or data abilities, you'll either have to sign up to a distinct plan or simply need to put in a pre-paid SIM. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab - The handy details are as under:

* Flexible like a smartphone, but with a huge display of 17.8 cm
* Telephone with speakerphone or headset possible
* Video calls thanks to built-in front camera
* Mobile Internet, entertainment center and navigation device
* More than 100,000 apps from the catalog due to the use of Android™ 2.2

For more specifications, visit: Samsung Galaxy Tab

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